The process of making the sound enhance your storytelling is what we love.



Danviken Stereo consists of audio engineers Arvid Lind and Hasse Karlsson.

Together we hold more than 30 years of experience working with sound.
Today we mainly do sound design and editing for tv, film, commercials and radio,

and also location recording.

Hasse and Arvid are members of Film Sound Sweden.

Turn to us if you're looking for a personal commitment to your production sound needs.

Our studios offers a cosy, warm and creative environment.

We do believe in sound and the importance and weight of a good mix

and how much it can improve your production.


Our ambition is to elevate the sound you bring us, and create atmospheres, effects

and a musical balance to accompany the dialoge in your story.
Whether it’s for broadcast, streaming, theatre, or whether it’s in stereo, surround or VR doesn’t matter, we have the knowloedge and the gear to suit your needs.


You could say the course was already laid out.
Two young musicians who couldn’t resist the beauty in sound recording and design

evidently found themselves working with tv-productions and 2012 started to

talk about building a post production team for sound.

Danviken Stereo started out located at Danvikstull in Stockholm - hence the name -

but have since moved to studios in Frihamnen, Stockholm.

Hasse Karlsson                           Arvid Lind

© 2020 by Danviken Stereo

Danviken Stereo ljudlägger och bearbetar ljud för film, teve, drama, podcast, radio och reklam.

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